The Benefits of In-Home Care for Diabetic Patients

The Benefits of In-Home Care for Diabetic Patients

Diabetes is a degenerative disease that causes many complications. Heart failure, respiratory arrest, paraplegia, and gangrene are some of the common complications of diabetes. It is a disease that occurs when there is the decrease or no insulin production at all from the pancreas. There is no known cure for diabetes. Those who have this condition have to manage the disease to stay healthy. Discipline and consistency are two key factors in managing diabetes at home. There are three main types of diabetes but let’s focus on the most common one which is Type 2 diabetes. This is the type of diabetes wherein the body doesn’t use insulin properly which is called insulin resistance, therefore as a coping mechanism, the pancreas produces more insulin.

There are a lot of options for managing diabetes Type 2, it includes diet, exercise, and medication and since it has no cure, the treatment may vary over the years. Medications may be replaced with a new one, lifestyle modification and many more, these are all geared toward controlling the blood sugar. Diabetic Health Management can definitely be done in the comfort of the patient’s home. Here are some of the key factors that we need to take note of:

  1. Timely Checking of Blood Sugar

    -the amount of glucose in the blood tells how effective the treatment is. Doctors prescribe how often it should be tested because it also depends on the medications that you are taking. Sugar testing can be done conveniently at home.

  2. Diet

    -it is essential to Diabetic Care because you’ll need to pay attention to whatever you eat or drink. Starch is a complex sugar, therefore, people with diabetes should limit their intake, if not avoid the intake of starchy foods, examples are rice, bread, potatoes, and more. Sodas and juices should be limited as well because these can quickly alter the amount of glucose in the blood.

  3. Exercise

    -it is a way for us to exhaust some of the unused glucose in our body which helps our metabolism. But for a diabetic’s case, exercise has to be advised. Patients are already taking medications for the blood glucose control, if patients exercise too much they end up metabolizing the remaining glucose in the blood which might lead to hypoglycemia.

With In-Home Care for patients with Diabetes Type 2, you can make sure that medications, diet, exercise, and blood sugar testing are being done properly and regularly. On Time Home Health Services LLC offers Home Health Services in Grand Prairie, Texas, and we have Registered Nurses who can help you and your family with Diabetic Care. We make sure that we can establish a care plan fitted for your needs while enjoying the process of care surrounded by your loved ones. You can call for the best home health through our 24-hour on-call service.

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