What Is Nephrostomy

What Is Nephrostomy

We often hear the word Nephrostomy but do we really know what it means? According to Medscape, it is an opening wherein a tube or stent is inserted through the skin into the body wall and renal parenchyma and ends in the renal pelvis or calyx. There are many reasons why a nephrostomy is necessary but the most common reason is an obstruction in the ureters. This is commonly used in third-degree burn patients wherein the external urinary organs are involved; this is also being practiced in patients who have tumor obstruction in the urinary pathway. If nephrostomy is not done, there will be no other way for urine drainage and pressure will increase in the urinary system that damages the kidneys in the long run.

Since this is an opening, an access to the inner body system, this is prone to bacterial infections the reason why intensive care and handling has to be practiced. The tube that is inserted to drain urine has to be cleaned regularly at least once in every 7 days. For long-term care, the tube itself has to be changed every 2-3 months. There are some easy steps that can be done at home to assure that the Nephrostomy tube is taken care of.

Ready all the necessary materials before starting. Do proper handwashing and use gloves if necessary. Check the tube entry site before removing the old bandage. Nephrostomy tube entry should be facing up with the patient lying on his/her side. Assess for signs of infection. Avoid touching the bandage that is placed over or around the tube. There might be a black mark on the tube to signify the part of the tube that enters the skin. Check if the black mark is still next to the skin, if not it means that the tube has moved and a healthcare provider needs to put it back in. Always see to it that the catheter site is cleaned and skin barriers and bandages are replaced. For the drainage, a reusable bag or a disposable one is good.

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