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Breaking the Myths About Physical Therapy

Like with many other treatments out there, physical therapy has its fair share of myths and misconceptions surrounding it. Read on to know more about 4 myths as we break them down to reveal the truth, and show the benefits … Continue reading

What Do Your Elderly Parents Eat When They’re at Home

Aging is a natural process of the body. Our body systems are expected to function to its maximum number of years. As people grow old, these body systems slowly deteriorate. It cannot be denied that peoples’ lifestyle nowadays is too … Continue reading

The Benefits of In-Home Care for Diabetic Patients

Diabetes is a degenerative disease that causes many complications. Heart failure, respiratory arrest, paraplegia, and gangrene are some of the common complications of diabetes. It is a disease that occurs when there is the decrease or no insulin production at … Continue reading

What Is Nephrostomy

We often hear the word Nephrostomy but do we really know what it means? According to Medscape, it is an opening wherein a tube or stent is inserted through the skin into the body wall and renal parenchyma and ends … Continue reading

Stroke 101: What Everyone Should Know About Stroke

Getting a stroke is something people just mention casually nowadays. However, strokes are much more complicated than what they seem to be. Strokes are dangerous and require immediate medical assistance as it occurs when part of the blood supply to … Continue reading

4 Tips for Recovery After Staying in a Hospital

There are people who believe that, once they are discharged from the hospital, they are already fully recovered. Such may be the case for some people, but for those with more challenging health conditions, especially our elderly loved ones, “still … Continue reading