Speech Therapist

Speech Therapy in the DFW Metroplex

Who provides Speech Therapy?

Speech Therapists and Language Pathologists

Who benefits from Speech Therapy?

Patients whose communications skills are affected by a congenital health condition or resulted from a recent stroke

What are the services covered by Speech Therapy?

  • Training for Eating and Swallowing Strategies
  • Therapy for Cerebral Palsy
  • Evaluation and Therapy for Learning Disabilities
  • Adaptive Speech Devices
  • Articulation Exercises
  • Multiple Sclerosis Treatment
  • In-Home Therapy Sessions
  • Treatment for Aphasia Following a Stroke
  • Hypernasality Treatment
  • Alternative Communication Methods (Sign Language)
  • Phonological Delays Therapy

We offer Speech Therapy as well as Elderly Care and other Home Health Services in Texas. Call 972-352-2943 for inquiries.