How Physical Therapy Can Be A Blessing To Your Senior Elderly

Senior man getting rehab at physiotherapy
After recovering from an injury or any lifestyle change, doctors often recommend going through physical therapy. This treatment specializes in movements, is curative, preventive and effective in enhancing our body’s performance. It deals with many areas and qualities of human life that it can stall or delay the effects of aging in adults.

Licensed physical therapy provided by On Time Home Health Services LLC at home, has helped a lot of families with their aging loved one recover from an injury or get relief from any chronic pain. We bring our therapy services to your home to help you get better and claim normalcy in your life again. Here are other items you can expect with our therapy services at home:

  • Therapy for Arthritis
    Physical therapy treatment for arthritis helps loosen up any stiffness in the muscles without damaging any other joint in your body since therapy can be applied to only target specific areas. Physical therapy can also counterbalance any signs of arthritis for people less than 65 years old and have no symptoms of arthritis. Occupational therapy can be applied to educate your senior elderly on how they can further reduce strain on their joints when they do their daily responsibilities.
  • Therapy for Dementia
    Delaying memory loss can, in fact, be done through physical exercises since any physical movement that increases the heart rate can increase blood production and blood distribution to the different parts of the body. The brain greatly benefits from increased heart rates since it gets to receive more blood and nutrients, needed for its complex functions. When blood is constantly supplied, brain cells dying from the lack of blood supply will be minimized.
  • Therapy for Injury Recovery
    For muscle injuries and minor falls, physical therapy can help in regaining the mobility of unused muscles that have been resting from recovery. Massage therapy through stroking or kneading the skin and muscles help bring back the sensation and circulation to these areas of the body that have been affected by the fall.

Physical therapy can do so much more than these and your senior loved ones can greatly benefit from being assisted by providers of Elderly care in Texas. These professionals can assist your senior loved one when they have therapy to cure, prevent, and enhance any of their needs.

Get the best Home Health Services in Grand Prairie, Texas to increase your loved one’s mobility at home through physical therapy services from us at On Time Home Health Services LLC.

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