The Challenges of Hygiene in Home Care

The-Challenges-of-Hygiene- in-Home-Care

Hygiene has a huge effect especially in matters of health at home. Hygiene does not just refer physically, it also means the environment. Most people at home get sick because of polluted surroundings or untidy conditions. Our elderlies are mostly affected by issues concerning hygiene. One factor that is also greatly affected by hygiene is home care.

Home care is intended for elderlies and sick individuals who aim to recover in the comfort of their own home. It is also for those who are terminally ill and are seeking palliative care. When maintaining home care, one has to focus not just on health but also on hygiene. Health and hygiene are related in many ways. Never was their good health in bad hygiene and vice versa.

These are simple tips on how to maintain hygiene in your home.

  • Bathing Schedule

    Elderlies may not need to bath daily because of their sedentary lifestyle. Unlike working people who need to shower and bath once or twice a day, elderlies under home care may only need bathing 3 to 4 times a week or they can also settle for a proper sponge bath.

    Let your elderly or sick loved ones take care of their needs as much as they can.

    If they can still dress, let them be. Let them be independent as much as they can, wait for them to ask for help. Be observant and vigilant in knowing when help and assistance are needed. Provide pieces of equipment which make grooming and hygiene easier like an electric razor for men.

  • Maintain their self-confidence

    Treat them like the individual that they are. Talk to them the natural way, avoid raising your tone of voice in front of many people. Let them try to do things on their own and always ask them first if they need assistance. Keep a casual environment to ease away embarrassment and sadness that they may be feeling at the moment.

  • Maintain a safe and secured environment

    Letting our elderlies and sick loved ones work on their own to promote independence require a safe and secure environment. This means installing handrails and grab bars in bathrooms. Families can also put rubberized rugs at the front door to avoid slips and accidents. Assistive materials like shower chair and hair washing tray can also be purchased for their convenience in bathing and washing. Caregivers can prepare their clothes and towel on top of the bed so that they can use it immediately after bathing.

The sick and the elderly may not need help 24/7, but they need a caregiver who can be with them 24/7. On Time Home Health Services LLC has caregivers who offer Elderly care in Texas. Our Home Health Services in Grand Prairie, Texas are performed by highly experienced professionals. We customize our care to the home care needs of the elderly and the sick. We highly promote a hygienic environment to provide a place conducive to health and wellness.

Share these hygiene tips with your friends and loved ones online who are experiencing challenges in home care.

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