Managing Your Diabetes Daily at Home

With the right steps and precautions, diabetes won’t get in the way of your elderly loved ones who are still able to live a healthy and active life. Here are some things you and your loved ones can do to manage diabetes at home:

  • Be vigilant with your senior’s body
    Your body can tell you many critical things if you know how to listen to it. For your senior living with diabetes, there are specific parts and systems of the body that must be observed regularly for any abnormalities, such as the feet, gums and teeth, weight, kidneys, blood sugar, and others.
    Having diabetes means your senior’s body is put at a greater risk of developing other complications to their health, which can include but aren’t limited to: problems with vision (cataracts), infections of the gums and teeth, and infection or injury to the feet that, if untreated, may lead to amputation of that limb.
    Vice versa, some symptoms and conditions that are left unchecked can further aggravate your diabetes – such as high cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure levels.
    Being vigilant then means first knowing what to look out for before determining how to address them. The best way to do this is for your senior to check with their doctor.
  • Create and sustain a healthy routine at home

    How your senior lives their day-to-day life must reflect a routine that helps manage their diabetes. Some measures to elevate your senior’s quality of life may include…

    • A healthy diet to combat symptoms and improve well-being.
    • Regular exercise.
    • Scheduling visits to the doctor for regular check-ups.
    • Careful monitoring of blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.
    • Careful observation and care of their physical well-being (feet, eyes, mouth, etc.).
    • Keeping an organized record of symptoms and measures taken to relieve them.
  • Communicate regularly with the health care team
    Your senior’s health care team plays a big role in how well their diabetes is managed, but they cannot exert the proper efforts required in that role unless the central member of that team – your senior – makes sure to communicate properly.
    Your senior, perhaps with the help of their caregiver or close family member, should be able to ask questions and be honest with their health care team. Things like how well your senior is following their health care routine, how they are responding to medication, what activities they are doing that might affect the effectiveness of their treatment, and generally how they may be feeling should be considered.

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